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Keep your boiler in top condition with an annual boiler service. Proven to prevent breakdowns, we’re comitted to going above and beyond what is required by the manufacturers to ensure your boiler keep running, day in, day out.

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Why should I get my boiler serviced?

Here’s five reasons why you should get your boiler serviced:

Avoid breakdowns

Any engineer worth his salt can spot potential problems on your boiler service before they even develop into faults. See example of the old vs new ignition probe, luckily this was noticed on the boiler service and replaced during the visit, no costly call out and no boiler breakdown.

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A boiler service includes various safety checks and will allow any potentially fatal safety issues like carbon monoxide leakage to be identified and repaired. See example of a severely damaged burner seal found on a routine boiler service in Newcastle upon Tyne. Please note, if you have any concerns about the safety of any of your gas appliances, don’t wait, get in touch right away.

Maintain your warranty

Many manufacturers now offer great warranty periods with their products, some up to 10 years, that’s 10 years of absolutely free boilers repairs. All you need to do is ensure a qualified engineer completes and records your boiler service every year. Let us know when yours is due and we can send your a friendly reminder.

Keep your boiler running efficiently

As your boiler ages, filters and heat exchangers block up causing it use more gas to provide the same amount of heat. A boiler service will keep things running as efficiently as possible, prolonging the life of your boiler.

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Expert, friendly engineers

The Boiler Co North East engineers are registered with Gas Safe and have years of experience as manufacturer engineers conducting boiler service and repair. Have your boiler serviced like the manufacturer would at a fraction of the cost.

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Where can I find a qualified gas engineer to conduct my boiler service?

A qualified gas engineer must be a part of the competent persons scheme which, when any work relates to gas, is called The Gas Safe Register.

This ensures the person has passed all the required tests and knows how to complete your boiler service safely and spot and potentially fatal safety concerns.

As a member of the scheme they are able to guarantee and certify their work and notify building regulations of any new installations.

The Boiler Co North East is part of the scheme (reg no:). This means that we are able to carry out and certify any natural gas and LPG boiler service we complete in the North East.

Boiler Service Not Due Yet?

If your boiler service isnt quite due yet, why don’t you trust us to send you a timely reminder to get booked in? 

Simply get in touch and let us know when your boiler service is due and we will do the rest.

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